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About us

Since 1991, American Engraving has served the Cookie, Cracker, Confectionery, Candy, and Snack Food markets.  Our commitment to our customers has always been to provide a superior level of service and quality. 


American Engraving’s focal point is precision engraved die rolls manufactured in one-piece solid bronze as well as PID (plastic insert dies).  We offer the emergency repair; reconditioning and recoating of existing die rolls from any manufacturer. 


American Engraving has developed custom "3D" CAD/CAM tools that allow us to render your designs quickly and accurately.  After receiving your drawing our design group can prepare a tooling sample in Acrylic plastic within 48 hours and ship a copy to you via FedEx. 


American Engraving continues to work with customers on R&D projects of various size and scope, such as increasing die life in long production or high wear applications.  We have developed methods that use traditional and nontraditional materials for new applications.  We look forward to being of service to you on your next R&D project.

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